Mobile Kitchens

U.S. Concessions has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing mobile kitchens, which are proudly built in the U.S.A. Whether you’re looking for a disaster relief kitchen, a portable kitchen to move between construction sites, a convenient solution to catering, or a food prep kitchen, U.S. Concessions builds each mobile kitchen to suit your unique needs and budget.

The U.S. Concessions’ sales and engineering teams have industry specific experience and are ready to assist through the entire mobile kitchen trailer design process from planning and rendering a floor plan to building a quality finished product. U.S. Concessions understands how much planning can go into mobile kitchens, and we strive to take the guesswork out of the entire process by offering turn-key mobile kitchen packages.

U.S. Concessions builds mobile kitchen trailers from the ground up, allowing us to tailor each mobile kitchen to fit the needs of each client and setting us apart from our competitors. Many custom mobile kitchen companies promote themselves as a trailer manufacturer but they are essentially up-fitters to a purchased cargo trailer outsourced from another company. Our mobile kitchens are built using quality materials and experienced craftsmen. In addition, U.S. Concessions offers options such as food safe, easy-to-clean surfaces, non-slip flooring, and name brand products to include NSF® approved cooking equipment.

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Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE on your next mobile kitchen or schedule a visit to our 30,000 sq.ft. production facility. U.S. Concessions encourages clients to see firsthand the quality that goes into every step of the mobile kitchen trailer production process.

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